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MotiBooks® Program

Online Class

K- 3 rd Grade

Studying at Home

4th - 5th Grade

Teacher and Student

6th - 8th Grade

Teacher Helping a Student

9th - 11th Grade

Teacher and Student

11th - 12th Grade

Tutoring Session

1:1 Programs

Smiling Woman

On-Demand Program

Book Club

Comic Books

Ready to Read 


Middle School Prep
Language Arts
(4th-5th Grade)

Girls in School Uniform

Middle School 
Language Arts 
(6th-7th  Grade)

Girls in School Uniform

High School 

Language Arts 

Student Writing

College Admission Essay
1:1 Workshop

College Campus


Book Club

Online Homework

1:1 Tutoring :

Reading Writing Math...

Teacher and Student

1:1 ESL

School Students

Get to Know Our Pro Teachers!

Motibooks teachers
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Ms. Elisabeth

Ms. Jillian​

Ms. Kerry

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Ms. Meryem

Ms. Julia

Ms. Rebecca

Ms. Judy

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”
Albert Einstein


My teacher is so lively. She's so funny and selects very interesting books to read. 

In her class, she makes entertaining activities, such as Jeopardy. After I started reading with her, I got more and more enthusiastic about her classes. Ms.Lizzy is very friendly, and she also gets us all talking about our ideas. 

Helene K. 4th Grade 

My MotiBooks teacher tries her absolute best to bring joy in reading and I love that. She is one of the nicest teachers I know and if I could give a rating out of 5 it would be 5/5.

Abby C.  7th Grade 

When I first took the MotiBooks class, I thought that it truly was the best reading class that I had ever attended. Ms. Lizzy interacts with each of us during class, makes us laugh, and overall encourages us to enjoy reading and writing. She cooks up exciting activities for us to enjoy and learn from.

Noah K. 6th Grade 

MotiBooks class is great. 5 stars. I like how we read the books together and do activities about it. Then after we read all of the book we read another book I have never read before. I think MotiBooks class is great.

Sarah L. 5th Grade 

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